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The Importance of Energy Efficiency Education

Posted on April 25, 2012, 8:00 am
by Sam Zastrow, Outreach and Education Market Manager 

Energy efficiency education allows all people to become smarter, more efficient energy consumers. Energy efficiency education:

• Builds the connection between energy use and environmental impact
• Emphasizes the importance of adopting energy efficient behaviors
• Gives people the skills to make common energy efficiency improvements at home
• Brings together families, co-workers, students and communities to take energy efficiency action

People of all ages use energy and have the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact through energy efficient behaviors. Anyone can help support energy efficiency education. Support energy efficiency education in your community:

• Educate family and friends about the importance and benefits of energy efficiency
• Lead by example. Adopt energy efficient behaviors and make energy efficiency improvements at home
• Connect with your utility. Visit the website of your utility provider to learn more about the energy efficiency and renewable energy programs available in your area
• Encourage schools and businesses to take energy efficiency action. Support the energy efficient programs and goals of businesses and organizations in your community. Looking for an energy efficiency program for your business, school or community? Check out our programs

Energy efficiency education connects energy consumers to the bigger picture. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2008 United States energy consumption represented about 20% of the energy consumed in the world. Every energy efficient action and improvement makes a difference. Energy efficiency education helps people of all ages become smart energy consumers and will help us reduce our environmental impact for years to come.

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